Golf Fitness

We all know that exercise is good for us, so why not exercise in a way that will improve your golf game and keep you on the course longer and with less injury? Our Fitness Director can show you how! Chrissy Griffiths is a Certified Golf Fitness Professional with years of experience in personal and group training. She received her Golf Fitness Certification through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), the world’s leading organization in golf fitness training. Contact for more information.

Chrissy currently offers the following:
  1. 3D Motion Capture for Golf Swing Analysis and Kinematic Sequencing
  2. Physical Screening to pinpoint how your body’s mobility and stability are affecting your swing 
  3. 2D video analysis to check for the 12 most common swing characteristics (AKA faults), as identified by TPI
  4. Personal and Small group Training
  5. Golf Fitness Classes (see details below) 
GOLFSTRONGTM Phase I (Stability and Flexibility): This class will train our bodies to move better specifically for the golf swing, with a major focus on building and reinforcing a strong foundation of mobile and stable joints. This is the foundation on which we will build proper strength, speed, and power in the future. Using functional movements of the golf swing, exercises, and flexibility training; we will increase muscular flexibility, lower body stability, strength, endurance, and balance specifically to help you swing the golf club with greater ease and less pain and fatigue. All levels are welcome! (email to sign up)